The Biggest Toyota FAMILY REUNION!

Date is set!

21st Anniversary ALL TOYOTAFEST
Saturday May 7, 2016

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2014 Photo Flicker Album Photo by Johnny F, Koji Y

2013 Photo Album photo by Koji Y, Johny F and Kit F

Past events photos
2011 Photos here!
2010 event photos !! click here
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Important announcement 5.8.2012

Dear All Toyotafest Participants, visitors and supporters,

Thank you for participating and visiting in All Toyotafest. Hope you had great time under the nice weather, and at the same time we appreciate your patience for waiting to exit from the show area. 

Some of you may already know, 2 of the Lexus flags were missing from the Lexus corporate exhibit. This might have happened during the award ceremony. They are one of a kind flags that will have no use to anyone who has them since its been reported stolen. TORC and corporate partners are very shocked about this fact. In addition, the red TORC LEXUS flags have been missing from the venue as well. We made several announcement from the stage about missing flags, however it never was returned. Lexus and TORC took this matter seriously and have filed a police report to the Long Beach Police Department.

We have taken great pride in presenting a clean family atmosphere for this event and that has been a big plus for our corporate supporters Toyota, Scion and Lexus. This unfortunate event puts that support in jeopardy these flags are part of a major display that travels the country and has now been put out of commission if Lexus, Toyota and Scion decides to pull their support over this we may have to eliminate some categories from future events and that would be unfortunate to all participants and spectators alike, we would appreciate the return of these flags as soon as possible no questions asked. Or, any information leading to its return will be kept in confidential.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing you all next year. 

Mike Bingham, T.O.R.C. President
Joji Luz, T.O.R.C. Vice president
Mailing address:
Toyota Owner's and Restorer's Club
C/O Cabe Toyota of Long Beach
Attn: Mike Bingham
2895 Long Beach Blvd
Long Beach, CA 9080

TORC general info (562)412-3932 

Visitor Info
Free admission - parking Fee Apply
Show time- 9 to 3pa
No animals except medical dogs are allowed to show area
Due to Queen Mary's Policy,
*No food/drink to be brought in by spectators.
(Food Vendors available at the show)